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r3.0 Conference 2024 – Confluence

‘Tipping points on tipping points’
– Building Necessary Collapse Resilience –

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In these challenging times, the r3.0 conference is a crucial source of inspiration with content that can be quite spicy!

The theme ‘Tipping points on tipping points – Building necessary collapse resilience‘ is highly relevant in the face of the ongoing collapse of human and ecological systems.

You probably don’t want to make that trip alone. That is why we are taking the initiative to organize this confluence where we attend the online sessions together, tap into the collective intelligence of hearts, minds and hands to make sense of the information for ourselves and our communities, and ponder what is ours to do.

Who do we hope might join us?

  • Transformative systems thinkers and leaders from business, academia, and local, regional, federal and European governance levels with a hunger for collaborative action toward greater collapse-aware regional resilience.
  • Community organizers/leaders, activists & social change agents, social entrepreneurs with feet on the ground, hearts in communities and hands in projects.
  • Change agents / facilitators / consultants / coaches who want to upgrade their offerings to better meet the enormity of the challenges of our global predicament and/or want to explore collaboration to help build individual alignment and collective coherence.
  • Anybody with potential power, influence and/or funding access to support resilience and coherence-building efforts.
  • Anyone with a yearning for deeper sensemaking & the courage to face reality.

Where and when will we be convening?

  • Where: https://www.dekluizerij.be/
  • When: September, 10 – 11 – 12, including 2 overnight stays in a private room
    • Sept 10: Lunch and dinner included
    • Sept 11: Breakfast, lunch and diner included
    • Sept 12: Breakfast and lunch included
  • You will be welcomed between 9:00 and 10:00 on Sept. 10th
  • End of confluence: 17:00 on Sept., 12th.
  • Detailed Program

What can you expect?

A lived experience with like-minded people in a beautiful place, where not only your brains but also your heart and body will be engaged.

Collapse Aware Framing & Collective Sensemaking, to deepen & widen the relevance of what you learn, and get clarity on where we are as a prerequisite for where we might go together.

Safe-enough space to explore consequences & emergent potentials together, as well as explore with others how to deal with the implications and emotional impact of our predicament.

Open Space for what you need during the conference to make the most of it. Because diverse people have diverse ways of processing, be it in group, individually, outside in nature, through creative processes, nurtured by silence, inspired by metaframes or by leafing through a book.

What will you gain?

Expand Your Network: Connect with a diverse group of transformative thinkers and leaders from various sectors, strengthening valuable relationships and exploring potential collaborations.

Deepen Your Understanding: Gain deeper insights into the complex issues surrounding human and ecological system collapses and what can still be done.

Cultivate Emotional Resilience: Engage in a safe space to process the emotional impacts of our global predicament, fostering a supportive community for shared learning and growth.

Empower Your Role: Clarify your role in enhancing regional and global resilience, identifying actionable steps you can take to make a meaningful impact.

Who will be your hosts?

Anne Billen

Bob Vanderstukken

Kim Oostvogels

Neil Davidson

Valerie Carrette

What does it cost?

Your total cost is made up of two elements: your ticket for the R3.0 conference and your ticket for the confluence.

If the cost is a struggle, please get in touch with us.

  Ticket R3.0 Ticket Confluence Total price (excl. VAT) VAT* Your Total price
Corporate, for profit €299,00 €1.315,00 €1.614,00 €332,96 €1.946,96
Non corporate, for profit (self employed, <5 employees) €299,00 €830,00 €1.129,00 €231,11 €1.360,11
Non corporate, not for profit €199,00 €830,00 €1.029,00 €212,11 €1.241,11

* 19% VAT on ticket R3.0 and 21% VAT on ticket Confluence

How can I reserve my spot?

  1. Register for the confluence (Given the limited number of places, your spot will only be reserved after you have received a confirmation from us)
  2. Wait for the confirmation of your seat (within one week). You will receive a payment request.
  3. Secure your seat by completing the payment.
  4. Buy a ticket for the r3.0 conference.

(Important! Due to limited places and reservation costs your reservation can’t be canceled)

Any questions/suggestions? Feel free to contact us: